Ovi and Sari”  is an innovative and  high-quality confectionary-bakery producer.

The products are already listed at international Key Accounts in Bulgaria ( Kaufland, BILLA, LIDL) and exported in several countries such as: Romania, Greece, Hungary, Slovakia, Turkey, Poland, Germany, Netherlands and Arab world.

Ovi & Sari is using  high quality raw materials and advance technology while is certified under ISO 22000, ISO14001, ISO 9001 and HALAL. 

A NEW  Chocolate flavour MILKISS  is available.

We are proud to present  the chocolate MILKISS . A unique product which was inspired by our Marketing implemented by our R&D and finally produced by our production team.

The selected ingredients of the traditional MILKISS recipe MEETS the unique characteristics of the Belgian Chocolate.

This amazing combination providing a smooth velvet texture by releasing an  unforgettable tender chocolate flavour. Bite it to feel the chocolate MILKISS personality.

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